Wireless Systems Design







we offer system and sub-system design services, starting from system architecture design to few first production units. we also support our customers in the  development to production transition phase.

 The products we  develop, contain variety of building blocks, solutions and technologies, some are listed bellow:

-          T/R module (direct and conversion) up to 12Ghz.

-        MW Switches.

-         Microstrip distributed and lumped filters (and distributed microwaves elements).

-         DCA, VVA

-        Phase shifters.

-         Small signal amplifiers.

-         Medium power amplifier.

-         Low noise amplifiers.

-         Power limiters.

-          frequency Synthesizers.

-         Custom VCO and XTAL Oscillators                                                         

-         Active and passive mixers.

-         FSK/QPSK modulator/demodulator

-         Low and medium power transmitters and beacons.

-         Linear and switched, power supply .

-          -Controllers, monitoring and control boards.

-        DDS

-   Fast ADC/DAC IF and RF sampling

-   Embedded antenna (Cooperation with Pulsicom tech. the best antenna design house in Israel)



Unity Wireless, Elta, MLM, TI, Motorola, GoNetworks, Applied Materials, Tessera, Decolink wireless, Nextwave Wireless, Miltel Communication